Ruth Stephens - CEO

From the CEO:


It seems that the seasons come and go more quickly every year. We move from howling winds to blazing sun in the blink of an eye. We must adjust frequently to stay warm or cool, and every day can be an adventure is determining the appropriate clothes for the season. But no matter what the weather, we are working to ensure availability and access for your continuing healthcare needs. So, in addition to deciding what to wear,  we are deciding how to adjust to meet the needs of our patients.


As the seasons changed over the past several years, Pawnee County Memorial Hospital has been in a state of change as well. Maybe not that you noticed, with the exception of a new leader at the helm, but in relation to adjusting to the ever-changing healthcare environment. We have seen changes in reimbursement from insurance and Medicare, and enhanced expectations for Quality reporting, which now also have an impact on payment for services. With the election of a new president, we remain uncertain about what the future of healthcare looks like.  What we do know is that our community needs local healthcare and we will continue to adjust and change with the prevailing winds.


You may have heard a lot of talk about “Population Health”.  In essence that means, health not illness is our goal. Our focus is on keeping you healthy, rather than providing treatment only when you are sick. So, you may be asked to visit your provider more frequently to manage a chronic health condition like high blood pressure or diabetes. These visits are to maintain your health, to help reduce or eliminate stressful, costly hospital stays, which in turn reduces the overall expense of healthcare.


The seasons will continue to change, but our constant will be the journey of providing health care services to our patients. We will continue to evaluate and adjust to ensure that Pawnee County Memorial Hospital and Rural Health Clinic are prepared to meet the community’s healthcare needs. We thank you for your support throughout the year.


Enhancing the health and the quality of life for the communities we serve!


To be the trusted source of health care for our communites by spreading our caring spirit, providing family-centered care, ensuring availability of technology and focusing on excellence.


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